Since I finally have a place to share my wedding photos to besides instagram, I want to share with you all our day how I remember it 3 years later.  I could split this into 4 posts but I'm going to squeeze it all into one so this will be looooong. 

In order to know about this day and what it meant for me, you must first know that this isn't my first marriage. I got married young to person that turned out to be a stranger and not who i thought he was at all.  But to be honest, i didn't even know who i was back  .  When i moved to nashville, i started a new chapter and without going into all the details...meeting Brice at that moment in my life after everything i had been through, was life changing.  He's truly my soulmate. And with my ex, i didn't have the wedding i'd always dreamed of.... I didn't even have a wedding. So this time around, it was most important for this to be only about Brice and I, and our love.  And we made sure of it.  We paid for it ourselves, and did the whole thing for $10K.  Which if you know anything about what weddings know what that means.  

We decided on an October wedding, and we knew it was risky bc of the weather in the South.  Its.........unpredictable.  I woke up the morning of October 19 and it was disgusting outside... DISGUSTING. The kind of morning that you don't want to get out of bed, bc whats the point?  I was devastated.  Not to mention scrambling to beg our friends and family to go to the reception site and UNdecorate everything we had set up the night before.  I also had banked everything on it not raining so both my ceremony and reception were outside. I used to live in a loft right beside the salon i work at, so I walked over (in the ugly weather conditions) to get my makeup done.  Directly after i got my makeup done, Brice was scheduled to come get a haircut at the same salon.  So i made sure to leave him a note with his barber and solemnly walked back home. I wanted to fix my own hair, and have some quiet time before photos.  By now i knew the rain was set to stop an hour before the ceremony and was able to start getting excited.  My friend Allison Webber took some film throughout the whole day, some of my favorite shots!

After i got ready, i went straight to the reception site (which was the backyard of our friends house, which is now a rentable property that you can stay at if you visit to nashville- check it here) where i was getting my photos done by the talented Laura Dart.  She was my dream wedding photographer, and she made me so calm and happy. 


Oh yeah, did i mention we had a wedding wolf? This is Lucian. He was a favorite in the wedding party. 

My wedding dress, OH my wedding dress. I have been emailed, dm'd, facebook'd asking to buy or borrow this dress. (seriously!) Bc sadly, it is discontinued. I got it from Bona Drag, it was handmade by Hannah(the co-owner of BD), and it was $500! I didn't miswrite that....i knew i would use my hair and accessories to customize my dream wedding look.  My headpiece is from Gypsy Junkies. Shoes from Peter Nappi. Necklace was handmade by my best friend Erica Ness with collected vintage necklaces and feathers and crystals, oh my! It was a brainchild between her and i and to this day, the favorite piece of jewelry i own. She makes custom ones now, so you can have one too! contact her HERE.  She also made my handpiece AND crystal ring i was wearing. She also happens to make the most badass candles ever. 

While i was taking my photos with the girls, Brice was doing his photos over at the ceremony site, my brother and sisters denim store here in Nashville, Imogene + Willie,  with his groomsmen. Lucian, the wedding wolf, had to jet over to get some shots with him too, bc lets face it. The wolf was for brice.  Shoutout to my sis, Carrie, who COMPLETELY decorated the ceremony site. It was the most beautiful ceremony decor ever. bottom line. We wanted it to be cozy with lots of rugs and candlelit and served warm whiskey cider (it was chilly fall day in nashville) and our beautiful friends sat on the ground listening to acoustic guitar in the background.  I walked down the isle to two of my friends singing "Oh my Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams. 


 Can we talk about how beautiful my husband is???

Can we talk about how beautiful my husband is???

I honestly don't remember much from the ceremony.  I truly only saw Brice and concentrated on him.  So glad i had a good photographer! 

Our reception, on the other hand, i remember very well. We didn't get a ton of shots of the decor bc of the rain/undecorating we had to do beforehand...meant we had someone redecorating it while we got married.  Laura did get some amazing shots of our loved ones having a blast.  We had a taco truck, a sweets and snacks table, LOTS of liquor, and our favorite DJ's in town that kept us dancing all night.  We walked out to the reception to DJ Khaled "All i do is win". Brice and i danced to Ray Lamontagne "Hold you in my Arms". Mother/son dance was "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys". Father/Daughter dance was Johnny Cash's version of "You are my Sunshine"....which had everyone in the crowd crying.


And that's our wedding!! There are so many small details that i'm sure I'm leaving out... someone i forgot to credit...something! Feel free to leave comments below if you have an specific questions. Bottom line is, it was the best day.... my dream day....but it was just a day. I could have gotten married in a trash yard and it would have been just as special, bc i found him. And as much love as i felt that day when we celebrated in front of all of our friends and family... i feel more love today, 3+ years later than i did then. I love you, Brice! Me + you + tacos forever.